Greystone Manor - Still a Beauty After All These Years!

Where do design bloggers learn and network?  At the Design Bloggers Conference, of course! Held in Los Angeles this year, one of the highlights of the conference was a VIP tour of Historic Greystone Mansion, located in beautiful Beverly Hills.  This amazing historical home was a site to see.

The tour was organized by Jaime Rummerfield and Rod Woodson, owners of Woodson & Rummerfield and founders of Save Iconic Architecture.

Forty lucky designers were taken by shuttle to see this grande dame.  Historic Greystone and Gardens was designed by the renowned Southern California architect Gordon B. Kaurmann in 1929. We started out walking the magnificent gardens with the views of LA and then headed indoors.  This glorious Tudor revival estate, consisting of fifty-five rooms within 46,054 square feet, was once owned by the legendary Doheny Family.

Ron and Jaime graciously guided us through the house offering tidbits of information on each room and anecdotes about the previous owners.  We were told that Mr. Doheny was murdered in the home and that many think the house is haunted, as the crime was never solved.

As we entered the formal dining room, the crystal chandelier started swaying back and forth and did not stop the entire time we were in the room...needless to say we were all a bit freaked out!  Check out the video below.

I was amazed at the opulence of the home and all of the beautiful finishes that were selected.  This house had every luxury that you could imagine. The woodwork alone was truly a marvel.  Remember, this house was built almost 90 years ago! I took this video of the foyer/entrance.  Just stunning wouldn't you say?

For you movie buffs...this home has been featured in 70+ films.  One of my favorites was The Big Lebowskie.  The bowling alley photo above has been featured in many a film.  Remember the scene in There Will Be Blood?  Read all about the films here.

I want to finish with a mention of Ron and Jaime's foundation SIA Projects.  SIA is a non-profit foundation championing the fight to preserve significant architecture as art.  SIA Projects nominates and ushers endangered structures through the historical designation process where they would otherwise continue to be unprotected and at risk for extinction.  To learn more about this worthwhile organization, click here. 

If you find yourself in the LA area, make sure to tour Greystone.  You won't be disappointed.


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