Kitchen and Bath Show 2018 - Day Two cont.

You'd think from my last several posts that I spent months at KBIS! The whole event lasted only 3 days, but there was so much to see that  I need a whole separate post just to tell you about our last stop of the day on Day Two (check out my adventures at the Lixil booth earlier that day).

As background, in 2017 a study of building and design professionals showed that trim/mouldings were among the top 10 upgrades that homeowners ask for.  Talk about speaking this architecture lover's language! I'm a huge believer in the power of trim to transform and enhance a home's beauty, but it's good to know it can also be a valuable upgrade, as well.

Have you been thinking about adding some upgraded trim or mouldings to your home? Have you been scratching your head over where to even begin? Well, you're not alone. Many homeowners have no idea where to start and how to go about purchasing trims and mouldings for their home.  Thanks to my time at KBIS, have I got a product source for you! 

Metrie started in 1926 as a small, family-owned business and is now the largest supplier and manufacturer of solid wood and composite mouldings in North America. 

They have seven solid wood and MDF manufacturing facilities, plus 26 distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada (translation: they're on top of getting their customers' orders filled and shipped out pronto!). They offer trim for your floors, your windows & doors and your ceilings & walls.  Metrie's professionally designed and coordinated interior trim and doors take the guesswork out of selecting interior finishings. They're experts in knowing what you need so you don't have to be - Yay!

Their main collection is called Then & Now Finishing Collection.  The whole collection is organized by styles: Fashion Forward, French Curves, Pretty Simple, True Craft and Very Square.  Take a look at these rooms....notice how the mouldings are what create the drama and depth, and add a level of sophistication that just wouldn't be there without those details.


Metrie's newest offering is called Option {M}.  Again, this is a curated moulding and interior door collection that makes it easy to select baseboards, casings, crown moulding and doors.  This new line includes on-trend styles such as Modern Farmhouse, Bohemian, Shabby Chic and New Traditional.  

Another line is their Complete™ pre-painted mouldings.  All of the mouldings in this line are - wait for it! - pre-painted and ready to install!  No need to prep or paint, no drips or mess on floors or walls.  This product has a durable Fin Tek non-metal marking paint finish, perfect for high-traffic areas, children's rooms and hallways (which also happen to be the areas most difficult to paint and to keep busy feet and hands away from during drying time!). The finish also flexes to prevent cracks, and prevents yellowing or fading with UV inhibitors.  You've gotta love this time saver!

For the Joanna Gaines lovers out there, the Complete collection also offers pre-painted, ready to install shiplap.  Take a look at this link to see how you can use Metrie's product to install a shiplap feature wall in one weekend.

I am a sucker for trim in a house.  I love its ability to transform a room no matter a home's style, since trim can be traditional in look and feel but - as you can see from Metrie's variety - can also lean more contemporary. No matter the style, great trim will always be one of my favorite ways to add a special touch to a space.  Which styles above are your favorites?

For more inspiration, visit their blog, The Finished Space.

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