Kitchen and Bath Show 2018 - Day One

My first official day at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show proved to be a very long one, after getting up at the crack of dawn to make the 'Hard Hat Tour.' If you haven't already, you can see my post on that tour here.

We kicked off the day at the LG Appliances booth for a Champagne and Cupcakes soiree at 9:30am!

Other than the yummy spread, my favorite find at the LG booth was the LG Styler: Steam Clothing Care System.  If there's one thing I positively loathe, it's ironing.  This system reduces odors, steam cleans, and dry cleans so clothes come out looking and smelling like new - no ironing necessary! If I haven't sold you yet, the system does not require any plumbing connections or professional installation. What's not to like?!

Our next visit was with Thermador.  What can I say...I LOVE Thermador!  Between the innovation in their products, the functionality and the looks, you can't go wrong.  Thermador released 300 new products this year.  That's right - 300!  One of their newest offerings, to be released soon, is Home Connect.  With Home Connect you can control your home appliances from home or when you're away, along with many other exciting 'smart home' features.  Some of the network partners and services that will be part of Home Connect include: Amazon Alexa, Kitchen Stories, Eve, Innit, IFTTT, Amazon Dash, Flic and Nest.

Another of Thermador's new products is this amazing 60" Pro Grand Range.  For you cooks out there, this should be at the top of your list. It’s the only range available with a steam and convection combination oven plus a full-size convection oven, giving you the benefits of steam with the browning capacity of convection. It also boasts the largest combined oven capacity on the market. These 30-Inch and 36-Inch ovens accommodate professional grade catering trays, assorted dishes, and bigger roasting pans. Plus, as with most of Thermador's products, you can customize your range to fit your lifestyle.

Another of Thermador's new releases is the Freedom Refrigerator.  I was very impressed with all of its well-thought-out features. I especially love the soft close produce bins.  In addition, you can customize the configuration of the columns inside the refrigerator, based on the way you live.  Lots of little kiddies in the house?  You may want a spot for juice boxes low on the door. Love having a perfectly chilled bottle of wine at your fingertips? The have special drawers for that!

I also loved the seamless look of the Thermador Freedom Refrigerator's custom exterior panels.  Isn't this a far cry from standard issue white, black or stainless?! Your only limitation is your imagination! 

For those of you who love to entertain, check out Thermador's Star Sapphire Dishwasher. This dishwasher offers the largest wine glass capacity available, with space for up to 18 wine glasses.  Brilliant! No more hand washing wine glasses after a large party. Another cool feature is the 'mood lighting' inside the dishwasher that you can change with the push of a button. I'll take anything to make washing dishes a little more fun!

Next on the tour was Wilsonart.  This is not your mama's laminate, though.  They have come a long way in look, feel and functionality.  My favorite find was the Wilsonart Wet Walls.  This surface can be used for any wet area application: shower walls, bath surrounds, and accent walls.  Get grout lines!  They say the average installation time is around 2.5 hours. Plus it does not require any fancy tools and it can be fabricated on site.  This product can be installed over almost any wall material including gypsum, fiberboard, tile and plaster. Take a look at the photo of the finished shower stall below.  That is laminate...would you ever have guessed?!

Remember the dark brown seams with old laminates?  No more! Check out this gorgeous laminate countertop.  The edge is seamless.  If you didn't look too closely, you would swear it's real marble! 

I also love the WilsonArtxyou.  You supply your own camera-ready artwork, photos or illustrations and WilsonartXYou will create a laminate. So many possibilities...I love this idea! 

Wilsonart also has specialty laminates, such as chalkboard, markerboard and metallic surfaces.  I was very impressed with all of their offerings and their forward-thinking innovations.

We spent several more hours on the floor that first day and then had the night off (phew!).  Needless to say, there was still lots more to see at KBIS.  What is your favorite from my 'Day One' findings?

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