The Pampered Pooch

There is nothing I love more than a dog... man's best friend!  I can't walk by one without stopping to say hello, find out their name and what breed they are, and give them a hug or two.  Crazy?  Maybe a little, but I’m just fine with that in this case!

It is no secret that dog owners love their pets and can even be quite obsessed.  No judgment here, though - I get it.  These beautiful creatures give us unconditional love, provide companionship, and are always happy to see us. It has even been documented that having regular contact with a dog can prolong life in the elderly.  And unlike some humans, dogs are so easy to please! A little food, a walk every now and again, and a soft place to lie and they are happy as can be.

Easygoing though they may be, because of the aforementioned obsession we have with them, it seems perfectly natural that we would want to pamper our pooches and make them feel like a full-fledged member of the family via a few touches of sheer luxury in their lives.

For those of you who want to pamper your fur babies, take a look at some of my favorite luxury items.

Dogs need a place to call their own indoors, as well, and these are some very cool designs.  I much prefer an interesting dog ‘crate’ like these to a pillow on the floor, don’t you?

Incidentally, I suggest you poke around a bit on that last bed’s website. It has some very interesting articles about the history of dogs.

For those of you with pet pooches who are building a new home or renovating an existing one and you have a few extra square feet, you can build in your dog’s dream hideaway/bed.  I love how these dog owners incorporated their dog's bed seamlessly into their homes’ designs.

A fairly recent trend, especially in luxury custom homes is building out a dog shower in the mud/laundry room.  This is such a great idea if you have dogs that love to play in the yard and are continually tracking in dirt.

Of course, we simply must have accessories. Who doesn't love a little bling?! There’s truly something for everyone here – and by everyone, I mean every dog, from schnauzers to shepherds!

And lest we forget the dog bowl...take a look at these fancy beauties!

If you love to travel with your furry friend, check out this blog post about five luxurious locations that will pamper your pet while you’re on the road together.

Finally, I just have to introduce you to one of my favorite online celebrities. His name is Scout and he can hold just about anything on his head.  Did you know he has over 26K Instagram followers?  There is even a book written about him!  Just look at that mug!

So how do you plan to pamper your pup?

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