What I've Been Missing All These Years!

Most designers can’t wait to visit High Point Market because it's where they get to see the latest and greatest, prettiest and shiniest furniture, lighting and accessories.  I liken it to Disney World for interior designers!

Held twice a year - in the fall and again in the spring - I've made it a point to go at least once a year and to-date, I have attended High Point seven times.  I have never, however, visited the Antique Design Center located in a 'hidden in plain site' corner of one of the busiest buildings at Market.  I adore antiques and am always on the lookout for them, but somehow, I never knew 'ADC' was there. Because I missed Market altogether last year, I decided that this year I would be sure to visit buildings and showrooms I had never been, as well as attend a few lectures. High Point is great about offering design education opportunities during Market. 

Photographer: Susanne Ollmann

Photographer: Susanne Ollmann

After doing some research on this year's speakers, I was so excited to learn that none other than 'The AntiquesDiva,' Toma Clarke Haines, was giving a guided tour of the Antique Design Center.  Toma is founder and CEO of the world's largest antiques touring company, The Antiques Diva & Co.  For anyone who loves antiques as much as I do, you simply must get to know Toma.  She is amazing and truly one-of-a-kind! In addition to her antiques sourcing company, she has just developed a jewelry line, TCH Collection, as well as furniture and more. Here's a juicy tidbit - while on the ADAC tour, I told her she should have her own reality tv show one day and she just grinned wide and winked. Hmmm...stay tuned! 

I was in heaven when I stepped inside the Antique Design Center for the first time.  WOW…I quite literally had no idea what I'd been missing all these years. 

In response to a growing demand for antiques and unique finds, designer and shop owner, Karen Luisana, founded ADC in 2009, who now shares ownership with Amanda Kinney. In 2011, the ADC moved into a building known as the Suites at Market Square. While the rest of the building has been modernized, the space occupied by ADC still features the exposed brick walls and delightfully creaky wooden floors of the original building.

The space holds over 50 dealers offering everything from antique furniture and rugs to vintage jewelry, art, and collectibles. Each showroom transports you to a different time and place! All of the dealers have been vetted and carry some of the best antiques in the world.

You can get a little peek at what the ADC is like on the Antique & Design Center's blog.  Lots of interesting information and gorgeous photos (I'm in love with the art featured at the Lucky Fish Gallery!). Also, not to be missed, is the Boiler Room Bar right in the heart of ADC. Such great atmosphere!

Here are some of the amazing room vignettes I saw during my time in the center.  How could one not be inspired by all these beautiful rooms?!

Sometimes displays like this, with so much to look at, can be overwhelming.  My advice - whether you're looking to buy or just to window shop - is to slow down, pace yourself and take your time.  There are gems in every corner. If you rush through, you're sure to miss something fabulous!

What do I love most about designing with antiques? Everything! They give a home a lived-in, storied feel, especially when they're used as accents in rooms designed with mostly new items. I believe every room should have something antique or vintage in it.  Even if you're buying an entire room at the same time, antiques make it look as if you have been collecting over time through travel, family, etc. Anyway you look at it, antiques just make a space feel more special. 

See something here that interests you?  Contact me today. ADC dealers will ship just about anything just about anywhere and I would be delighted to help you bring some history and uniqueness into your home.

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