Professional Photos

If you read my last blog post, you know how I feel about lighting!  Lighting can make or break a room design.  Well, the same can be said for photographing a room.  Every interior designer knows the importance of having professional photos taken of their work.  An average room can look spectacular with the right lighting.  Many designers even hire stylists to put the finishing touches on their rooms before a photo shoot.  A professional photographer can be pricey but worth it for the right shot. 

I recently had a couple of rooms photographed  for a client in Fairfax Station, VA.  I am helping them with the design of their entire house, but we are doing it in stages.  I am currently working on the design for their wine cellar, wine making room, bar, game room, workout room, and craft/gift wrapping room!  Will be posting the photographs of the photo shoot below soon.  Stay tuned! 

Liza JonesComment