My Travels in Spain

I recently returned from a whirlwind tour of Spain and wanted to share what I learned and a little about this beautiful country.

I was invited to attend a week-long familiarization tour and trending session from Cosentino Group.  Cosentino is a global, family-owned Spanish company that produces and distributes innovative surfaces for designers and architects.  Cosentino has seven production factories, 14 natural stone quarries and 15 processing centers around the world and is the company that invented Silestone. The history of this family-owned business is very interesting and worth the read.

Patricia Herrera Dominguez, Vice President of KB and Design Sales, was our host for the week and was amazing.  Her gracious hospitality was second to none.  I’m sure it was not easy herding 20 interior designers around all week but she did it with finesse and ease.  Thank you again Patty!

From the moment we landed in Barcelona, we were on the go.  All of the designers met for the first time at the fabulous Asador De Aranadas restaurant in Barcelona and had an amazing meal.  The food was delicious, the wine was flowing and the service was impeccable.  Needless to say…this trip started out right!

From Barcelona, we took a flight to Almeria, the headquarters of Cosentino.  There we toured the quarry, got up-close and personal with the factory and process for making the engineered stone (top secret and no photos allowed) and then attended a brainstorming/trending session, which was amazing.  To top it all off, we met with the President, Francisco (Paco) Cosentino and his son Eduardo.  Mr. Cosentino wanted to learn from us, wanted to know what, they, as a company, could do better and what types of products and colors we would like to see incorporated into their line. Some of the products being developed at Cosentino are cutting-edge; I am particularly excited about their newest line, Dekton.   We were all very impressed with the Cosentino family.

From Almeria we took a bus through the beautiful Spanish countryside to Grenada.  Grenada is a tony little town, with mountain views and fabulous shopping.  We visited the amazing Alhambra Museum, an ancient palace and fortress of the Moorish monarchs.  It was a spiritual experience and one I will never forget.  We also had an amazing meal at Restaurante Las Tomasas.  This restaurant is located across from Alhambra and the views were stunning.

From Grenada, my friend and fellow designer, Kimm, and I took a train to Seville.  This city is so interesting with the old Spanish architecture along a building such as Metropol Parasol, the worlds largest wooden structure.  The shopping in this town is off the hook and everywhere you turn Flamenco dresses are for sale.

We stayed at a lovely little boutique hotel called Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla .  The decor was decorated in the traditional Spanish style and was just perfect.  I would highly recommend this hotel for anyone visiting Seville.

The markets in Seville were crazy good and of course I couldn't leave without buying a piece of art from an amazing artist.  He asked me if I would represent him in the United States, and I am seriously considering doing so.

On our last night in Seville we saw an authentic Flamenco Show. The show was incredible; the artistry and talent – wow! 

Every town I visited had its own unique personality.  The textures, patterns, tiles, colors.  So inspirational and inspiring - a designers dream!  Spain is a beautiful country that is definitely worth the visit.

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