Inspired Living

As I thought about writing my first blog post, I knew that I wanted to write about Passion. Passion has led me to this career and the joy I feel each day when I'm doing what I love. I believe that passion is a blueprint for success. Living passionately is living a more fulfilled, happier life. How great is that?!

In this busy world of technology and side hustles, projects and to-do lists, I think it is essential that, from time to time, we all take a step back and ask ourselves:

  • Do we know what our true passion is?
  • Are we allowing passion to inspire us every day?
  • Are we encouraging the passionate life we dream of living?

I believe questions like these can help inspire us to live and work more joyfully. Are you ready to take the challenge for a more passionate life? I'm excited to take this plunge and I hope you'll join me! I long to share my visions with others because I believe that beauty, like life, is better when shared.

What about you? How have you found passion guiding your life? I wonder - if money were not an issue, where would your passion lead you today? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Liza JonesComment